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ICENT is established under the Companies and Allied Matters Act, Cap. C20, LFN, 2004 and Approved by:
• Federal Ministry of Justice (FMJ), Nigeria.
• Federal Ministry of Education, (FME), Nigeria.
• Corporate Affairs Commission, (CAC), Nigeria.



    ICENT has strategically been located in every major cities and towns with her zonal & state cordinators across the federation and beyond to enhance easy accesibility

    We are a new generations of professional entrepreneurs, who are more customer centric, technology savvy, more highly qualified, flexible and agile with skill set that are now more comprehensive

    With our global and local partnership and affiliations with educational institute and other organisations, ICENT offers world class training and certification in key professional courses.
  • Our Vision

    To be the Africa’s master brand in provision of entrepreneurship education for sustainable development.

    Our Mission

    To be a trailblazing provider of quality entrepreneurship education by raising its standard as the key to a more productive and sustainable development of Africans through globally acceptable best practices

    Our Core Values

    • Resourcefulness
    • Vibrancy
    • Effectiveness
    • Competence
    • Responsibility
    • Honesty
    • Reliability
    • Patriotism
    • Perseverance

    Our Objectives

    The objective of the Institute is to produce professional, innovative and creative individuals (entrepreneurs) not only capable of establishing profitable ventures but also finding practical and pragmatic solutions to management, operational or strategic problems given the contemporary society characterized with high level of unemployment and scarcity. The major objectives are:

    To contribute our quota to national development by encouraging professionalism and productivity through promotion of entrepreneurship

    To promote and deepen the profession of Entrepreneurship through aggressive Training and Research.

    To provide a rallying point as an umbrella body for professional Entrepreneurs. .

    To engage in intensive training of top level entrepreneurs, retirees and would - be-retirees in the field of Entrepreneurial management

    To recognise entrepreneurs in various capacities as entrepreneurship merit awardees in all entrepreneurial fields and to confer Fellowship, Corporate membership, Full membership and Associate membership of Institute of Classic Entrepreneurs, Nigeria on practising and qualified entrepreneurs and establish a roll of honour for distinguished entrepreneurs.

    To maintain close relationship with other professional bodies working in the allied fields as well as joining hands with notable tertiary Institutions ,home and abroad, for the promotion of Entrepreneurship education.

    To identify, protect and advance the common interest of members of the Institute. .

    To conduct examinations and also award certificate to qualified members as a mark of professionalism in Entrepreneurship and allied fields.

    To formulate code of conduct and take disciplinary measures against erring members

    To disseminate information about Entrepreneurship, Enterprise Education and Small Business Management in an official Journal to be published by the Institute/College (Journal of Entrepreneurship Education and Management Science)..

    To make meaningful contributions to government policy on entrepreneurial matters.

    To disseminate information about Entrepreneurship, Enterprise Education and Small Business Management in an official Journal to be published by the Institute/College (Journal of Entrepreneurship Education and Management Science).

    The Uniqueness of ICENT

    ICENT has re-written the history of Entrepreneurship in Africa

    ICENT is the only entrepreneurship institute in Africa with a rich Governing Council and Management comprising of three (3) professors of entrepreneurship, fifteen (12) Doctors of Entrepreneurship and highly qualified individuals from multi-disciplinary fields, directors of entrepreneurship development centres and internationally acclaimed entrepreneurship mentors required for production of thorough-bred entrepreneurs.


    Our Services

    Monthly workshops and special seminars for entrepreneurs interested in starting a new business or growing their existing business
    Customized consulting to help emerging leaders and seasoned professionals leverage strengths and overcome challenges related to financing, information technology, marketing, succession planning and governance
    Educational programs featuring internationally-known experts who share cutting-edge information about new trends, practices and innovative models that can be immediately applied in pursuit of business goals such as improving sales performance, launching new products or attracting and retaining good workers
    Mentoring and professionally-led peer forums that meet in an environment of confidentiality to explore business, family and personal aspects of operating a business
    Special initiatives to promote the revitalization of Nigeria’s economy by supporting pioneers
    Social events to promote networking among business leaders .

    We consider it a great privilege and an honor to support businesses at every stage of development.


    Our Logo

    The bird in the logo is MACAW – a large tropical parrot with a huge beak, a long tail and brilliant plumage, native to Central and South America. This bird possesses all the traits/qualities required for successful entrepreneurship. Macaw symbolizes

    • 1. Creative intelligence
    • 2. Masculine energy/ Ability to Crack a “Hard Nut”
    • 3. Resourceful
    • 4. Vibrancy/Colourfulness (Uniqueness)
    • 5. Inventiveness
    • 6. Communicative skills
    • 7. Wealth creation
    • 8. Wealth creation
    • 9.Inspiration
    • 10. Freedom/Self-reliance
    • 11. Having Sharp Vision (Visionary)
    • 12. Intuition/Spiritual Perception
    • 13. Diplomacy/Sociability/Team work
    • 14. Loyalty
    • 15. Strategy, Curiosity

    Ready to take the next step?

    Charles Tremendous Jones once said –“You will remain the same you are for the next five years except for two things: the books that you read and the people you meet”..

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    Established by Companies and Allied Matters Act, Cap. C20, LFN, 2004 and Approved by the Federal Ministry of Education as a Professional Institute.

    317 Ibrahim Taiwo Road, Opposite SUBEB (1stFloor) Lokoja, Kogi State, Nigeria
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    No 102, Oyemekun Road (Last Floor, 1st Wing), Opposite Oyemekun Grammar School, Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria.
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